Rules Requirements

Rules Requirements ETC

  • Each student shall have with them, on each in-car lesson, a "COVID In-Car Rules" signed sheet printed and signed before each lesson.
  • All cancellations shall be made no less than 24hours before the lesson, or they will be charged $45 for a missed lesson.
  • If a student does not have their permit, in-hand, for their scheduled lesson , they will not be allowed to take the lesson and it will be recorded as a "No-Show" and will be charged $45 for such.
  • In case of a Motor Vehicle Crash, for which the student is deemed at fault, the insurance deducible will be paid by the student.
  • All fees/costs must be paid for in full prior to the In-Car lessons.
  • Any student ejected from the class do to disruption, behavior or unsafe acts, shall forfeit all monies paid.
  • All students will wear a face-covering/mask during all class times and maintain 6ft social distancing.
  • All students will take part in class, such as answer questions when asked etc.

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